everyday camera phone bath photographs

another perk of the modern world? tiny cameras. not that they provide the best tonal ranges or the sharpest quality (as a friend so eloquently keeps pointing out). but, what they do provide is the ability to capture in close quarters a formal perspective of what I feel is a common association.

there are moments that we spend over and over again in our lifetimes. for me, that’s alone in a quiet slightly bubbly, slightly more warm bath. that moment when you roll over on your stomach, dip your face in and come up to see the reflections in the water.  when you wipe the dripping water from your face and everything you see, the water, the bubbles, the reflection, they’re all still moving by the force of your separation from them.  yielding a camera in that moment without expensive waterproof equipment could be cumbersome, I suppose.

Also, I  suppose I want the best of both the realist and formalist worlds. It’s important to me that the moment is real, but it’s also a moment that sparks associations to sound, memory, and fantasy.

Hand Washing Clothes 01


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