Ten Frames from the Lomokino

As a pre-graduation gift to myself, I opted for the new Lomokino. The loading mechanism takes some getting used to, but it’s one of those fun ‘hope for the best’ toys that can only get better with time. Knowing I’d be on the train on a one-day trip to Philadelphia, I decided to take it along. I finished the roll in-between classes at a friend’s house. Out of a roll of color film, I got ten successful frames. I took just an hour or so dropping those into final cut and adding some cheesy cinematic sound. At just 00:41 seconds, it’s just the meager beginning of what can only be a wondrous experience with the Lomokino.


One thought on “Ten Frames from the Lomokino

  1. odilonvert says:

    You’re ahead of me! I’m finally buying film today and yeah, the loading takes getting used to. YAY!!!

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