Television Through the Viewfinder

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This is a video I made with images I had taken using the viewfinder of a Polaroid Land 220. My quest is both ethnographic in nature, reflexive of my own reality lived and a visceral examination of the movement of the television screen as it remains such a constant pulsating extension in our homes, offices, schools, waiting areas.

A re-rendering of that experience by reconstructing the images captured into narratives provides some semblance of what I feel is the consciousness forever bombarded by endless visual constructs of self and national identities.

While capturing images, I am looking for moments that speak to me as overarching narratives in some way through other programming. I may also look for certain phrases that I feel need further exploration that become the status quo. I also find them visually fascinating as moments frozen in time of representations of humans, constantly changing as we are.

By freezing the moments of television and manipulating them in a variety of ways, I am blending meanings between and among images to somehow subjugate the dominant narrative and reclaim it for my own.

By pairing images, I give myself a way to speak back to the discourse.

By incorporating the cinemagraph of nature into the narrative of television, I am specifically speaking to the ability of certain discourses to be repeated to the extent that they are inseparable from the most basic of our existence-a permeation into the very core of our human existence on earth.

In reworking this narrative I also use jarring CSPAN sound-bites, speaking to the urgency of our times against the majority of our population, a danger that comes from and within high volumes of discourses steeped in archaic notions about hierarchy of man.

This is a video to be shown in large installation format, the white screen bathing the audience in light, reflecting ourselves as viewers. This is an ongoing project that I would like to experiment with presenting in various formats.

In Light: Work of Five Photographers, Todd Gallery, MTSU, May 2012


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