Not in Kansas Anymore

This is a film shot entirely on my cellphone. After recently moving away from Southern Suburbia for the first time, I wanted to explore the overwhelming, lonely, sometimes euphoric feeling when you don’t know anyone in the big city; sometimes longing for home, sometimes searching, sometimes dizzyingly happy. At 1:22 (added together to equal the number 5), this structural short incorporates a Matsuo Basho haiku. The film consists of seven different frames, another number significant for traditional haiku.


2 thoughts on “Not in Kansas Anymore

  1. odilonvert says:

    Cool! I’m working up to shooting only with cell now too. Even got a device that holds my cell phone on my tripod. Have you been working with the Lomokino again too?

    • malinachavez says:

      Hey! No, I haven’t been using the Lomokino right now. We have access to the Bolex on campus, so I’ve been shooting HiCon with that. I’ve also been working on some ink transfer on 16mm. I’ll get those digitized soonish. That device sounds cool, have fun with it! Cheers!

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