1949 Armistice Agreement Line

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1949 Armistice Agreement Line is a piece that I made while examining the borders of Palestinian Territory on Google Maps street view. While the area of Gaza is completely grey with inaccessibility, there are other areas in the region on both sides of these borders that are available for street view. These areas remain contentious ‘lines’ drawn by Israel and its allies that keep Palestinian people shut off from any type of citizenry, advancement or national identity.

While I am interested in exploring both borders and lands that remain contested, I also am simply exploring the world that Google has been able to access. I find not only pleasure in ‘walking down’ the streets of borders, but remain enthralled with the notion that Google ‘owns’ these virtual lands and anyone with access to a computer can explore them. Yet, in the 3D reality of everyday life, areas that are simply grey or yellow on a computer screen are the imaginary lines that are drawn to make claim to a hierarchy of who is and is not worthy of inhabiting certain land, certain homes, certain identity.

I also hope to bring to new virtual art an eye that flirts with street and color photography while also acknowledging a new ‘un’identity of the human form in Google’s street view face blur spectacle.

My process is to simply ‘walk down’ the streets that Google has been able to capture and store just like any ‘real’ street. There are some limitations such as how one can frame or have access to a particular space, but there are also some lovely surprises if one looks long enough. When I find something that draws my interest, I use a Canon 6d (sometimes a 2d) to shoot my computer screen. I find this allows me not only a much better image than screenshot, but also gives me another layer from which to view.

This is also a part of a larger body of border/conflict series as well as an art installation that uses found footage film and video.


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