I love when I find treasures in books. I love it even more when I find them again after I’ve ‘hid’ them in other books. This collage is a combination of found images and images of mine found again. I’m surprised the one I put in the microwave is still intact.

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Any way you cut it, fascism.

Any way you cut it, fascism.

I rarely get to go to the theatre really. So, when I had a sitter for Herzog’s ‘Into the Abyss’, I took along my Fuji Instax. It’s a fickle little thing, but only because I dropped it once. I’m happy if I can get three out of ten.

bubble gum irony in gatlinburg, tn

bubble gum irony in gatlinburg, tn

Gatlinburg, TN
color film, 2011

As WordPress prepares to go dark to protest SOPA, I came across some street photography from Gatlinburg, TN that I wanted to archive. What better time to dive head first into becoming the master of my own domain!